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Montane hour-glass tree-frog

Scientific Name: Taruga eques  The Montane hour-glass tree-frog is a colourful frog with a flattened body, long legs and expanded pads on it fingers and toes. The dorsal colour is a mixture of brown and yellowish orange with hour-glass mark. The… Continue Reading →

Biodiversity of Jetwing St. Andrew’s Hotel Wetland Reserve

(Continued from: Recognising the Importance of Wetlands) Over 33 species of plants can be found in the Jetwing St. Andrew’s Hotel Wetland Reserve, eight of which were introduced to the Hill Country region by the British (e.g. arum lily). Many of… Continue Reading →

Frog Watching Tour at Jetwing St. Andrew’s

by Ishanda Senevirathna, Resident Naturalist of Jetwing St. Andrew’s Experience Jetwing St. Andrew’s wetland at night, where colorful tree frogs are most active and easily observed. Walk past the frog pond and through the forest along the stony path and… Continue Reading →

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