Location: Jetwing St.Andrew’s

IshandaIshanda, Jetwing St. Andrew’s naturalist, Sri Lanka’s David Attenborough on wheels has an enviable knowledge and enthusiasm for the Hill Country and cycling along with him you might struggle to keep up with his pace of talking on the environment as well as riding, trying not to crash into oncoming tuk-tuks as you steer your bike in all directions trying to catch glimpses of the various birds whose names he is calling out as you fly down the hill. He says that “Nearly half of Sri Lanka’s bird species can be found in Nuwara Eliya.”

An exemplary student of Kingswood College, and a young adventurer who gets as much out of the trips as the people he takes with him, is always trying out new ways to see the same thing and with his encyclopedic knowledge makes every tour a memorable one. During his school time he joined the Young Explorers Society and in 2006 become vice president of the society in Kingswood College. Then he joined Young Zoologist’ Association (YZA) in 2007. He followed the exciting courses of the study groups on Reptiles, Mammals, Birds and Aquatic life under the YZA’s environmental education program. He participated in a range of the YZA’s wildlife and environmental conservation projects including studies of biodiversity of a number of Sri Lankan forest remnants. He has held a number of posts in the society including Vice President of Action committee.

As a member of the YZA, He has done voluntary work for the Zoological garden, Dehiwela, and most recently has worked as a voluntary explainer / lecturer on wildlife and nature conservations to school children and the general public. He is interested in nature photography, wildlife arts, hiking, camping and snorkeling. He is reading for a BSc. Degree in Natural Science at the Open University in Sri Lanka and continues to develop more exciting bike tours including going to the village of Kolhapur, the highest village in Sri Lanka at 7,342m. A free wheeler at heart he loves taking tours to Pedro Tea Estate not just for the tea tasting and Informative museum, but also to enjoy one of the areas prettiest waterfalls.