Location: Jetwing Blue

HemanthaThe resident naturalist at Jetwing Blue, Hemantha is the epitome of a gentleman. Quiet, yet possessing extensive knowledge about nature and wildlife, he credits his fascination with flora and fauna since his childhood in a rural village close to the historic Kingdom of Dambadeniya. From his schooldays at Maliyadeva College, Kurunegala, Hemantha built up a wealth of knowledge – being a prominent member of the school’s Nature Club. Later on, he went on to complete his degree in Food Science and Nutrition; yet continued his nature based activities through the university’s Exploration Society named WADULA.
After graduating, Hemantha joined the Sri Lankan Navy as an officer. During his time there, he remained heavily involved in the Young Zoologist Association, and began to champion the cause of environmental responsibility and the cessation of pollution.

Since January 2013, Hemantha has been the resident naturalist of Jetwing Blue. His favourite excursions include Negombo’s range of nature tours, particularly the Muthurajawela canal ride and Wilpathu, and has through his knowledge, pleasant personality and attitude has recorded the highest excursion revenue for 2013/14 at Jetwing Beach.

If you force him to pick a preferred nature based activity, he would probably select bird watching – being a member of FOGSL (Field Ornithology Group Sri Lanka). Thanks to FOGSL, Hemantha continues to update his knowledge and experience by participating in field tours. His other passion is agriculture known for his creativity; being the designer of the Uswetakeiyawa Naval Agricultural Park. Currently, Hemantha spends his free time experimenting on applications of the edible gardening concept.

In addition, Hemantha’s natural talents in preparing and conducting creative presentations, along with his excellent people skills has lead him to organizing such events as the Monday Quiz Night, and is a passionate advocate of the campaign to keep Negombo’s beaches the cleanest and best in the country.