Jetwing_Yala_Organic_GardenSpread across half an acre of previously unutilized land, the vegetable/fruit farm at Jetwing Yala is a model of minimum input farming – which uses only organic matter to aid in the plants’ growth.

A conventional composting facility and a process enhanced composting machine is used at Jetwing Yala to process all food waste and food scraps from the hotel kitchens and restaurants, as well garden sweepings and tree clippings from the hotel’s expansive land area. It is only product compost from these two units which is used as a soil enhancer for the organic garden. The water requirement for the farm too, is provided via the hotel’s wastewater treatment plant. Black-water which is separately collected and treated through anaerobic and aerobic biological treatment means is used for gardening watering.

The organic farm which was established in December of 2015, has a variety of fruit and vegetable crops grown, including, Green Chili, Long Beans, Ladies Fingers (Okra), Brinjal (Eggplant) and Watermelon; and has to date yielded over 1,100 kg of harvest. All harvested crops are used in the hotel kitchens to serve our guests, meals with nutritious organically grown produce, whenever possible.

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