An edible landscape by definition is a food producing landscape which is completely in tune with nature – a mixture of beauty with utility. It is the practical integration of food plants within an ornamental or decorative setting. While the same design principles as for ornamental landscapes are used, edible plants such as herbs, vegetables and fruit trees are substituted for some of the otherwise unproductive plant material.

Using edibles in landscape design can enhance a garden by providing a unique ornamental component with additional health, aesthetic, and economic benefits. In addition, while providing food crops, edible gardens can also create a haven for a host of wildlife including birds, frogs and insects.

JW BeachAt Jetwing Beach, nearly one acre of bare land has been carefully transformed intro into a thriving farm yielding fruits, vegetables and leafy greens while also providing a safe habitat for several species of bird, lizards and other wildlife in the region. Read more about the Organic farm at Jetwing Beach.


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