Location:  Jetwing Vil Uyana

Hi, I’m Chaminda and I’m the Naturalist at the beautiful world renowned Jetwing Vil Uyana. For as long as I can remember I have had a fondness for wildlife. As a child I attended a school that was located near the Dimbulagala Forest and the archaeological area of Polonnaruwa. I used to visit this forest as often as I could until I was able to identify most of the birds, mammals and reptiles that lived there.

After finishing my school education, I entered The Rajarata University of Sri Lanka and completed a B.A in Travel and Tourism Management as I not only loved wildlife but also the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka. While I was studying I also had a passion for Bird watching and wild life photography. Thereafter, I joined Jetwing and perused my interest for bird watching as well as the conservation and care of Elephants.

To begin with, I did a 15 month practical training at Vil Uyana as a naturalist. I had participated in some field observations conducted by the Nature Club of the Rajarata University and the knowledge I gained from this helped greatly during my training. I now organise nature trails for Vil Uyana guests, including night time excursions to observe the recently discovered Slender Loris!

Chaminda is an expert when it comes to wildlife and plant life. With him as your guide, you are guaranteed an exemplary and enjoyable journey into the fascinating wilderness of Sri Lanka!