In our real life, real world we come across different stories of robberies by corrupt human beings. However, it seems not only among human beings, thievery appears to be a widespread practice across the animal kingdom as well.  Such an instance was encountered one wonderful morning on the grounds of Jetwing Vil Uyana hotel.

One morning an Oriole was building its nest, full of hopes and dreams together to bring a partner and share his nest with it. Having put in many efforts he was able to complete it up to certain level. But he felt there is something missing and the nest was incomplete, so he thought of looking for some more decorative materials and flew away.

Taking this opportunity, a Red-vented bulbul who was watching from a nearby branch flew to the nest of the Oriole and thought… “Hmmm interesting, but sorry friend I need some of your lovely deco to make my palace for my princess” and stole a few of the materials from the Oriole’s nest while he was away. Even though the Red-vented bulbul was also planning his future with a princess, he was very lazy to put his own efforts to build a nest. The poor Oriole flew everywhere to find the goods for his little palace, without even knowing that the nasty Red-vented bulbul was robbing his nest!

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