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Chaminda Jayasekara

Bio-diversity of Jetwing Vil Uyana

The architectural design of Jetwing Vil Uyana involved the creation of a private nature reserve on previously abandoned slash and burn agricultural land. The design included the construction of a reservoir and ecological restoration using indigenous species, as well as… Continue Reading →

Wildlife Sightings at Jetwing Vil Uyana – November 2016

– BIRDS – Indian Cormorant Little Cormorant Darter Spot-billed Pelican Yellow Bittern Black Bittern Indian Pond Heron Cattle Egret Little Egret Intermediate Egret Large Egret Asian Openbill Stork Woolly Necked Stork Brahminy Kite White-bellied Fish Eagle Indian Peafowl White-breasted Waterhen… Continue Reading →

Elephant lover’s paradise

Minneriya National Park The national park has an ancient man made tank; Minneriya which date back to 276 – 303 BC and park has a land area of 8890 hectares. During the dry season large herds of elephants are seen… Continue Reading →

Pidurangala – Silence and stunning vistas . . .

Located a mere 01km to the north of Sigiriya, the Pidurangala temple, became prominent in 5th century A.D. with the development of the Sigiriya fortress, and Sigiriya becoming the capital city of Sri Lanka. In the 18 years, the King… Continue Reading →

Few more days for the elephant gathering at Minneriya National Park!

Located between Habarana and Polonnaruwa, Minneriya National Park’s predominant feature is the ancient, man-made Minneriya Tank  (built in the 3rd century by King Mahasen). The dry season spanning from June to October to each year, is the best time to visit the… Continue Reading →

Feeding behavior of Grey Slender Loris

Mainly they are insectivorous – feeding on insects. But they are omnivorous, as they also feed on birds, grasshoppers, fruits, some leaves…etc. Prey that is caught is tucked into the mouth using one hand. Similarly, by standing on their feet… Continue Reading →

Bird life at Jetwing Vil Uyana – a story of thievery from the animal world…

In our real life, real world we come across different stories of robberies by corrupt human beings. However, it seems not only among human beings, thievery appears to be a widespread practice across the animal kingdom as well.  Such an… Continue Reading →

Swayanjatha Rice

Swayanjatha, meaning “Born on its own” in Sinhala, is an indigenous variety of red rice paddy, endemic to Sri Lanka. Unlike the conventional varieties of rice cultivated in the country, this rice variety is grown on dry land as chena… Continue Reading →

Whale watching at Trincomalee

One of the top locations for whale-watching in Sri Lanka is the port city of Trincomalee on the northeast coast of the country. Sightings of the magnificent oceanic giants — Blue whales (Balenoptera musculus) — are common from mid-late February… Continue Reading →

Night Walk at Jetwing Vil Uyana

The private nature reserve comprising wetland and forested habitats at Jetwing Vil Uyana is a haven for wildlife, with over 100 species of birds, 20 species of mammals, 36 species of butterflies and 35 species of reptiles and amphibians inhabiting… Continue Reading →

Rusty Spotted Cat

What is a Rusty Spotted Cat? Rusty Spotted Cat (Prionailurus rubiginosns) is the smallest wild cat in Sri Lanka. Where do they live? They are distributed in India and Sri Lanka. They mainly occur in moist and dry forests as… Continue Reading →

Shaheen Falcon at Sigiriya World Heritage Site, Sri Lanka

The Shaheen falcon is the local resident race of the Peregrine in Sri Lanka. It is uncommon but found throughout the island, in the low lands and up to 1200 m in the hill country, frequenting rock outcrops and rocky… Continue Reading →

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