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Chamara Amarasinghe

One of the rarest wild orchids in Sri Lanka

One of the rarest species of wild orchids in the island, Dendrobium diodon is a dwarf epiphytic plant. Grown in the sub montane region, the plant has been recorded in the Kandy district. Although it is named as an endemic… Continue Reading →

Sithulpawwa – the hill of the quiet mind

With its name derived from the word ‘Chiththala Pabbata’ – meaning the hill of the quiet mind, Sithulpauwa is located within the Yala National Park, in the Hambantota district in the deep south of Sri Lanka. Set in a stunning… Continue Reading →

Sri Lankan Sand Boa – an uncommon, non-venomous snake species found in Yala

The only Sri Lankan member of the reptile Family Boidae, the Sri Lankan Sand Boa (Gongylophis conicus brevis) is a small but stout species which only grows up to approximately 0.5 m in length. They are relatively shorter than the… Continue Reading →

From wastes to resources – Organic farm at Jetwing Yala

Spread across half an acre of previously unutilized land, the vegetable/fruit farm at Jetwing Yala is a model of minimum input farming – which uses only organic matter to aid in the plants’ growth. A conventional composting facility and a process… Continue Reading →

Bandula barb – a critically endangered, point-endemic freshwater fish species

The Bandula barb (Pethia bandula) is a point endemic species; which means that it is only found naturally at one specific location in the world – a 1.5 km stretch of stream in the wet zone of Sri Lanka. The Bandula Barb… Continue Reading →

Wild orchid of the dry zone

This native terrestrial wild orchid is found in shaded areas of tropical dry mixed evergreen forest floors in Sri Lanka. The distribution of this herb is confined to the dry zone of the island, particularly, Yala, Polonnaruwa, Vavuniya and Trincomalee. There… Continue Reading →

An Orchid by Any Other Name…

Locally referred to as ‘Wesak Mal’ (Wesak: Buddhist festival in the Month of May and Mal: Flower), Dendrobium maccarthiae is an uncommon epiphytic wild orchid which grows 6m – 15m above the ground level. Although there are about 1200 Dendrobium… Continue Reading →

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